Modern and Reliable Agriculture

Irrigation Products
Your needs for irrigation and automation systems are determined by our experts and presented to you.
Boxes and Crates
FADO prevents moisture and humidity that may occur both inside and outside, thanks to nano-tech in its boxes.
Bumble bees provide an increase in fruit quality and yield with significant labor savings in pollination:
Greenhouse Gutters and Profiles
We are always at your service with our gutter and profile groups produced with FADO, DX101 galvanized certified sheets.
It has high insect catching capacity and sensitivity. Roll traps do not lose their stickiness and are resistant to sunlight (UV).
Greenhouse Top Plastic
Appropriate content is prepared for you using data such as the microclimatology of your region, crop type and desired durability period.
These are our machines that provide great convenience in operations such as planting crops in the greenhouse, tying and tensioning hanging wires.
When the slap is fully saturated with water, it has an air holding capacity of 25% of its volume. It is produced from cocopeat shells.
SHADOWS It is used in landscaping, hobby gardens, greenhouse farming or animal husbandry.
Our services are not limited to our products!

Our motto is modern and reliable agriculture

Installation to feasibility

Our modern greenhouse services are rendered with expert support from installation to feasibility, and are designed to increase the efficiency of agriculture and support sustainable production.

Toros Gübre

We offer you the wide product range of Toros Fertilizer, a strong supporter of agriculture! Toros Fertilizer products enrich your soil and increase yields with their special formulations… Our services are not limited to our products