As FADO, we continue to support you with our expert staff in our activities.We take your demands and create a better working form with alternative methods.We are always with you with our expert staff.


With our expert staff, we design technological, modern glass and pilastic greenhouses with the highest quality, best lighting and ventilation characteristics suitable for the Regional Climate using the latest technology.


FADO, with its modern ,innovative and professional team, is a group of companies that make turnkey greenhouses around the world that have the basic principle of producing the most accurate projects for its investors using modern agricultural technologies. In all of the procurement and projects that FADO has carried out , appropriate modelling has been implemented taking into account the standards of different regions around the world. Our products comply with TSE , ISO , UNICERT , CE standards, but we manage specific certification processes on demand.


You’ve got the fado squad with you all season. Increase your crop one more time with our expert staff


We are the consultant of YÜKSEL seed, the largest domestic Seed Company in Turkey, in Central Asia. Fado Export continues to do project work in various parts of the world.