Modern and Reliable Agriculture


Gutter Hanger Systems

Gutter hanger systems are one of the most important features that came to the fore with the widespread of hydroponic greenhouses. They are used to utilize the most space in greenhouses, increase yields and grow plants in a disease-free substrate. Although there are different systems for strawberries, tomatoes, roses and other greenhouse plants, they generally work the same way.

  • The gutter sheet is brought to the project area and the crawler gutter forming machine shapes the sheet as a single piece along the line.
  • Gutter hanger system and accessories are installed. Then the formed gutter sheet is hung there.
  • Height adjustments are made and fixings are installed.
  • Gutter covers are connected to the drainage line and the system is commissioned.
  • Gutter Accessories It is important that hangers are spaced correctly. Gutters should be installed with a slight tilt to allow drainage and without any bendings. Attention should be paid to the gutter grooves.
  • The hanger system is height-adjustable and saves labor cost.
  • More effective heating can be provided to the plant with under-gutter heating.
  • The plant has no connection to the soil and can be grown in a disease-free environment.