Cooling Pad

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Cooling Pad

It works based on the principle of removing heat through evaporation in greenhouses and nurseries. The water flowing into the pads circulates inside the air flow throughout the greenhouse, the water droplets adhering to the surfaces cause the air flow inside to evaporate and give off the heat through evaporation.

As FADO Modern greenhouse systems, we supply and install Cooling Pad systems in greenhouses and nurseries. They are more suitable for use in regions with hot and humid climates. In addition to being long-lasting systems, their energy consumption is almost non-existent.

  • It generally consists of cellulosic or thin-fiber aspen wood. It has a high capacity to absorb and evaporate water.
  • Design: Pads are corrugated to maximize airflow and evaporation
  • Water distribution system: There is a distribution system at the top for equal water distribution.
  • High Energy Saving: Consumes less energy than traditional cooling methods
  • Long Lasting: Cellulose and aspen can be easily cleaned and used for years.
  • Humidity Increase: Allows plants to reach the desired humidity level