Co2 Systems

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Co2 Systems

Plants complete their photosynthesis activity thanks to the CO2 they have absorbed, and basically produce O2 and sugar as products. At this point, CO2, which is one of the important inputs for photosynthesis, is present in the existing air at approximately 400 ppm bands.

In modern greenhouse cultivation, CO2 dosing or fertilization is provided by different methods. The first of these is by storing bulk CO2 in tanks, and the other is by separating the CO and CO2 gases produced during the combustion process in gas-heated greenhouses and releasing the CO2 gas into the greenhouse through plastic pipes.

Especially on sunny days, when the photosynthesis capacity increases, increasing the CO2 concentration in the greenhouse provides an increase in efficiency of approximately 15-30%, depending on the plant type. These values depend on plant type, climate, etc. It depends on many variables.

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