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Buffer Tank

It is used to store hot water in greenhouses. They can be compared to a kind of large thermos with different thicknesses and layers of insulation materials. In modern greenhouse cultivation, the hot water obtained during the day for CO2 production is stored in these tanks to be used in colder weather.

As FADO, we provide services in the manufacturing, installation and supply of Buffer Tanks. Thanks to our expert engineer team, we ensure the construction of long-lasting and durable buffer tanks. At the same time, it provides great ease of use thanks to its integration with all parameters regarding water level, temperature and distribution by automation systems.

You can contact our company officials for buffer tank offers and prices and get information about your project immediately.

  • Enables storage of hot water for CO2 dosing in gas heated greenhouses
  • Significant energy savings are achieved thanks to buffer tank storage
  • Serves as a backup in case of a temporary malfunction in the heating system
  • It closes the calorie deficit in case the weather conditions fall below expectations.